in someone's face

in someone's face
в глаза, в лицо, открыто

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  • someone's face is a picture — (someone s) face is a picture if someone s face is a picture, their face shows that they are very surprised or angry. Her face was a picture when I told her the news …   New idioms dictionary

  • someone's face doesn't fit — (someone s) face doesn t fit if someone s face doesn t fit, their appearance or personality are not suitable for a particular job or activity. He d always wanted to star in action movies but his face just didn t fit …   New idioms dictionary

  • someone's face fits — ► someone s face fits Brit. someone has the necessary qualities for something. Main Entry: ↑face …   English terms dictionary

  • someone's face — (informal) To begin (or stop) harassing or obstructing someone ● face …   Useful english dictionary

  • someone's face fits — someone’s face fits phrase used for saying that someone is the right type of person for something Thesaurus: suitable or convenientsynonym Main entry: face …   Useful english dictionary

  • to someone's face — to someone’s face phrase if you say something to someone’s face, you say it to them directly If Terry has anything to say, he should say it to my face. Thesaurus: talking in a direct waysynonym Main entry: face * * * to someone s face : directly… …   Useful english dictionary

  • in someone's face — 1 : in a direct way that shows anger or disrespect for someone She laughed in his face. He slammed the door in my face. 2 ◇ In informal U.S. English, if you are/get in someone s face, you are criticizing or shouting at someone in a very direct… …   Useful english dictionary

  • cross someone's face — to appear briefly on someone s face A smile crossed her face. • • • Main Entry: ↑cross cross someone s face see ↑cross, 2 • • • Main Entry: ↑face …   Useful english dictionary

  • in someone’s face — mod. irritating someone. (See also get in someone’s face; Get out of my face!; in your face.) □ You are n my face too much, and I don’t like it. □ I wish that the coach wasn’t always in my face about something …   Dictionary of American slang and colloquial expressions

  • on someone's face — on someone’s face phrase used for saying that someone’s face has a particular expression There was a look of horror on her face. Bertie had a silly grin on his face as he came out to meet me. He looked at me with a puzzled expression on his face …   Useful english dictionary

  • to someone's face — to (someone s) face if you say something unpleasant to someone s face, you say it to them directly, without worrying whether they will be upset or angry. Everyone refers to him as Junior but no one would dare call him that to his face …   New idioms dictionary

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